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[PV] 4minute - Ready Go.

I think that it's obviously that nobody can win to 4minute in the sexy concept.
They're the QUEENS about this concept.
my lovely-bitches are flawless ♥


[111106] BIGBANG WON EMA!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!
askljdhlaksjdal i'm SO fucking happy!!!!
my boys deserve it... really!!!


[GIF] Sexy Junhyung is sexy

because Junhyung is always super sexy ♥

[RANDOM] Today, how is it?

Today is being kinda weird.
Started good with Junhyung's performance on M!Countdown
but, has progressed as the day... it feels weird.

Maybe today is not a good day.
Tomorrow will be better. Hope so.


[♥] Happy 2nd anniversary, BEAST!!

Today is an awesome day for BEAST and B2UTIES!!!
it's the second anniversary of the most talented boys in the world~

I'm a b2uty since a long time. Ok, i'm not b2uty since the first BEAST's day
but i really feel like that. I passed with them a lot moments... bad and happy moments.
I have lived their 2 anniversaries. Some BEAST's comebacks
various bad moments with the fans and others fandoms...
yep, i was with them a long time.
When I now think about the first day i saw them... wah... so much has happened
Thank for them, i met a lot people who is my friend now. 
I have lived unforgettable moments, many smiles, many tears...

Every day, i can feel that i'm more b2uty, because they make me feel as well.
They are always caring with each other and with the b2uties...
I dont have enough words for them. 
All i can say is... THANK YOU. Thank you for being as you are. 
Thank you for your music, for your dedication, for your effort, for your smile, 
for your tears, for your happiness, for your dances, for your talent... for EVERYTHING.
I'm so proud of you! and proud to be a b2uty.

You're really the best. Love you my boys, 
Yoon Doojoon, Jang Hyunseung, Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Kikwang and Son Dongwoon.

I'll always be with you, no matter what happen. Until whenever ♥

Ok, i know that the kiseung lovers we're a few... but... why?
need to know more people who loves this two perfects boys together
and to know more writters of Kiseung fics...

arg... it's hard to be a kiseung lover ;___;
but i love them anyway  ♥

[PIC] 110920 With BEAST ♥

the best day of my life...
with my friends and the awesome BEAST
unforgettable! ♥

[VIP] G-Dragon, i love you

Jiyong, stay strong.
Dont care anything, only your smile and your happiness.
I'll be there for you always, until whenever. No matter what.
Because you're a genius, a perfect man and of course, a human.
I'm a proud to be a VIP. I'm proud of BIG BANG. And I'm proud of you.

I love and support you forever ♥

[CONFES] Proud to be a b2uty

When i think in BEAST... i dont have words for them...
Since of first day i saw them, i felt in love of BEAST... 

And have been a while since that day. But everyday, i feel a little more proud to be a b2uty.
They're so humble and everyday they show us that worth support them.

Yeah, just read the post from 700th days in the fancafe writting by Yoseob.
OMG, i dont have words. He's always adorable and cute with the b2uties, but this time, think that Yoseob couldn't be more sincere. He was adorable but not intentionally. Each and every one of the words he wrote came from his heart. And i can't feeling no touched with this post from him.

Yoseob, you're perfect. Really. I'm so proud of you and all members of BEAST.
You're really unique and i'm sure that there isn't anybody like you and the rest of BEAST members in this world.
Thank you for being like you are.

Love you~♥


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